Year of publication: 2023 Edition: 1

Widely Used National Standards of I.R.IRAN in Cross-Border Trade

The standardization system of the Iran National Standards Organization (INSO) implies use of diverse references in the development of national standards.
These references include findings of research studies, internationally adopted standards such as those of ISO, IEC, OIML, CODEX and the standards from other reputable standardization organizations. The Deputy Department for Development and Promotion of Standards undertakes the translation of the scope and tables of technical specifications of feature-based National Standards into English, in line with INSO’s policies. This book aims to facilitate global trade activities for traders and elimination of technical barriers of trade.
Through doing a simple subject search, users can easily access the text of national standards and technical specifications for various products. This e-book contains the scope and technical specifications of 124 national standards related to frequently traded products and services. This initiative aims to enhance commercial exchanges, contributing to the broader goal of empowering Iran Economically.

Year of publication: 2023   |   Edition: 1